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Increasingly, global companies have to operate in a complex and constantly changing environment. Are forced to stay updated technology integrating new processes, technologies, and applications.
We can help turn these challenges into advantages for the company, and we have a wide variety of services that allow our clients to count on us in different areas.
Our professional IT services have helped our customers overcome the challenges associated with ongoing management technology allowing companies to continue evolving.

Our Services

With over 20 years of experience in solutions to organizations of various industries, we have developed the ability to offer support comprehensive, efficient, and professional IT.


Our clients take comfort in knowing that their IT systems always run almost without interruption. Based on the experience with our customers, we have made a number of essential IT services to the success of any company

Support Call

Consulting Support

We have created a working philosophy of care, assistance, and technical support for computers of different brands and models, according to the actual and specific to each of our clients.

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Managed IT Services

We offer end-to-end managed IT solutions through integrated services — increasing employee productivity and optimizing system performance.


Smart Home

Get in on the technology that pulls it all together. Upgrade your Wi-Fi to streamline connectivity.
Focus on convenience and safety with smart security cameras, locks, garage doors, and more

Network Hub and Cable

Network Solutions

We Offer professional cable system design, installation, maintenance,  and project management services over the spectrum of data, voice, electronic safety & security, and audio & video technologies, encompassing optical fiber, copper, and wireless-based distribution systems.

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Custom Software

Our expert software developers designing, building, integrating, scaling, and upgrading software solutions to address the pressing needs or achieve your specific business's objectives. We can help you to solve complex challenges with reliable and agile digital solutions.

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Social Networks

We know that users are in networks, so the most effective strategy to keep in touch with each of your customers is through social networks. Also, We conduct online advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc

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The Wall of Ideas

The needs of each company are different. We are in the ability to monitor and carry out all stages of any project information technology to completion. We have the discipline and experience to evaluate the project goals, manage all tasks and resources, and implement efficiently the solution.


Designing an Application

Web Designer

We create and develop solutions professional, attractive, and functional web design with easy technologies and that best meet the needs of clients. Our designs and developing are adaptive, ready to work on all mobile devices.


We appreciate their ability to communicate quickly and efficiently. We used to pay an in-house tech and we wanted to lower our technology costs, but we still needed a go-to person who could deal with any issues. We put all of our trust in Ferreri Company, and they really did a great job.

Claudia Ramirez
CEO of Indequipos Corp